Ironsworn & Starforged companion app

Launch the app

Set your campaign

Create characters, locations, NPCs, delves and more. Add assets or create your own, roll on oracles and track your progress. Once you are done with the campaign, download your journal as styled HTML file ready for print.

Offline mode support

Built as a progressive web app, you can install it on your device and play offline. All data is stored in your browser. If you want to switch devices, export your campaign on one device and import it on another. You can find instructions on how install Pocketforge ande enable offline mode here.

Ironsworn & Starforged in one App

Play campaigns with Ironsworn, Starforged or Sundered Isles rules or mix it as you see fit. Set you default theme and pick preferred character ruleset (legacy or starforged). Roll on any oracle you want or need, regardless of what type of campaign you play.

Eliminate your creative blocks

Browse oracles and moves, generate content and reroll anything you want. With easily accessible tools it's much harder to forget what you can do and get stuck.

Try it out!