Ironsworn and D&D: A Most Potent Brew

April 6, 2024 ◇ 15 min read

A Most Potent Brew is a first level introductory adventure available for free on drivethrurpg, it has plenty of adventure elements to get familiar and start running D&D adventures using Ironsworn ruleset. This actual play is as an example on how to run prewritten adventures using Ironsworn, Ironsworn: Delve and Pocketforge.

Ironsworn and D&D mix

Ironsworn is great on its own and I highly encourage everyone to try it out without using it with any other system, but what I found really great about it is that Ironsworn is flexible and can be easily adapted to any setting you want. Personally, this allows me to play and finish adventures I couldn't play without a well organized group.

The only preparation I need when starting D&D adventure is to check out its content just enough to get started, note down important milestones and dungeon layout, so I have a ready set of waypoints to choose from when starting a Delve. No need to rebalance encounters or treasures.

Character creation

For this adventure, I'll use a party of two characters. I usually play with 2 to 4 characters as it's more interesting with more possible interactions.

I don't have any specific characters in mind, so the only thing I selected manually when creating heroes in Pocketforge was origin: fantasy. It uses the same character rules as Ironsworn, but instead of a default human it rolls a random race if the race wasn't selected manually and rolls race-based a name from a custom fantasy names table.

Characters rolled:

Karsti Indlerith
Description: Wary, Dying, Bold
Race: Human
Role: Scout
Backstory: You were sent away on a prolonged mission
Goal: Secure provisions

  • Reject Disease
  • Initiate Advantage
  • Attack Warning

Inciting incident: Disastrous accident, Mysterious phenomenon

Skarn Strongbeard
Description: Resourceful, Suspicious, Young
Race: Dwarf
Role: Criminal
Backstory: You abandoned your kin after learning a troubling truth
Goal: Rebel against power

  • Challenge Deception
  • Threaten Supply
  • Swear Warning

Inciting incident: An innocent is accused

A Most Powerful Brew is a one-shot, so all I really need is name, description, race and role, but all other info helps too if you want a solid inspiration for backstory and motivation. For Karsti, inciting incident, reject disease motivation, goal and dying in description suggest that she is sick and in search for a remedy. Skarn abandoned his kin and wants to rebel against power and, in consequence, was branded as a criminal. I will use this info to help me pick Assets.

Each character needs three starting assets. On the hero panel, after clicking Add assets and selecting Random tab I filtered out Starforged and rolled two assets from each category for each character, then selected the most interesting combination or rolled for a few more if there's nothing appropriate. For Karsti, I rolled Herbalist, Shield-bearer and Ironclad. She is a wary and bold person, trying to secure provisions and heal herself, so these three assets are all in line with her character description. Skarn is now Improviser, Infiltrator and Swordmaster, a perfect combination for a dungeon dweller and fitting assets for a rebel.

With character info and assets selected, it's now easy to set up their stats, Karsti will focus on close quarters combat (Iron) and Skarn on his Infiltrator asset using Shadow.

Edge: 1, Heart: 2, Iron: 3, Shadow: 1, Wits: 2

Edge: 2, Heart: 1, Iron: 2, Shadow: 3, Wits: 1

Adventure set-up

To prepare for the adventure, I read Set-up, Meeting Glowkindle and Beer Cellar sections and skimmed over everything else. I stop when I feel that I have enough information to proceed with the game.

The Wizard’s Tower Brewing Co. - a craft brewery known for its hoppy summer ales - is in dire need of help from a band of reliable, affordable adventurers. The owner has posted a job on the local notice boards and is calling in favors from friendly innkeepers all over town to spread the word.

Karsti and Skarn were both in the town and decided that it would be worth a try to help and find solutions to their own problems along the way. After all, the brewery was once a wizard's tower. But first, they needed to find out where exactly that brewery was and, if possible, what exactly the problem was.

Brewery location is not a secret and there's not much point in rolling for it as it is freely available. Instead, Karsti and Skarn tried to Gather Information about the source of the problem to assess the risk.

We can assume that taverns are frequently visited by Wizard's Brewery employees and rumours about what happened at the brewery spread.

Karsti attempted to Gather Information with +2 Wits stat about problems at Wizard's Brewery at one of the local taverns.

Gather Information (Karsti)
When you search for clues, conduct an investigation, analyze evidence, or do research, roll +wits.

Challenge: 5, 1. Action: 6 (+wits), strong hit.
On a strong hit, you discover something helpful and specific. The path you must follow or action you must take to make progress is made clear. Envision what you learn. Then, take +2 momentum.

Karsti earned +2 momentum points and our adventurers now know that Brewery is infested with Giant Rats, too much to handle for regular townspeople.

Just as an example, what would happen if that was a miss instead? From move description: On a miss, your investigation unearths a dire threat or reveals an unwelcome truth that undermines your quest. Pay the Price. Rolled Pay the Price and got The current situation worsens. At this point, we don't know much about what is happening there, so I would note this down and leave for later to use at the appriopriate time, probably to bump up a challenge or introduce some complication during delve.

Organize your content: In the Locations tab you can create a new Settlement - the town our heroes are in and a Waypoint - Wizard’s Tower Brewing Co. Settlement has a quest on creation. Then, on the Waypoint panel add new NPC, Glowkindle. Once created, on the NPC panel, it is possible to add personal quests. In this case, it would be the job available at the brewery. But in the case of this short adventure, using Journal alone so far is good enough.

The Wizard’s Tower Brewing Co.

You follow the directions you’ve been given, trudging maybe a mile or two out of town along an old dirt road that winds its way up a low hill.
As you near the top a large stone building comes into view, flanked by a couple ofbarns. By the door is a brightly painted sign that reads ‘The Wizard’s Tower Brewing Co. For the Freshest Pint in the Realm!’

At the brewery, Karsti and Skarn met a gnome named Glowkindle, the owner. Glowkindle explained the situation over a drink. Apparently, when expanding the beer cellar, workers digging extra room uncovered an old wall of some long-forgotten ruin and were attacked by giant rats. The party have to eterminate the rats, find out where they came from and make sure the cellars will be safe to use in the future. As a reward, Glowkindle will pay 25gp per party member.

In Ironsworn, quests start with a Swear an Iron Vow move and the party will do just that. Last time Karsti made a gather information move, so this time Skarn will swear a vow for both of them. Skarn has Heart score of 1, but he still has 54.9% chance of a successful hit.

Swear an Iron Vow (Skarn)
When you swear upon iron to complete a quest, write your vow and give the quest a rank. Then, roll +heart.

Vow: Secure the ruins under the old Wizard's Tower.
Challenge: 7, 2. Action: 6 (+heart), weak hit.
On a weak hit, you are determined but begin your quest with more questions than answers. Take +1 momentum, and envision what you do to find a path forward.

Weak hit introduces additional complications. What awaits in the depths of this dungeon? Are the rats the only danger? How many rats will they have to face? How big could the ruins be? Impossible to tell and Glowkindle can't help with any answers.

Added +1 momentum to Skarn stat. Added new personal vow to each character: Secure the ruins under the old Wizard's Tower with dangerous rank. This is a short one-shot, so it should be fairly easy to complete, dangerous rank marks 2 progress boxes per milestone and needs 5 milestones to fill its progress track completely. It's a good idea to note some milestones right away if possible. For now, I've got:

  • Exterminate giant rats
  • Make sure the cellars are safe to use

Delving a dungeon

Glowkindle led the adventurers to the cellar entrance and wished them luck. At this point, it's best to check out the adventure's dungeon layout and create a new Delve with appropriate theme, domain and challenge rank based on, for example, the number of important rooms. This one has 5 rooms, so dangerous rank should be a perfect fit, as it requires 5 progress to fill the track. For a long-forgotten wizard's tower Ancient theme and Underkeep domain should work well.

Discover a Site
When you resolve to enter a perilous site in pursuit of an objective, choose the theme and domain which best represent its nature (Ask the Oracle if unsure), and give it a rank.

Dark Underkeep
Theme: Ancient
Domain: Underkeep
Rank: Dangerous
Aspect focus: Blocked Shelter

Dungeon instances are well-defined in prewritten adventures, so Aspect focus is usually not needed. But if I was playing a custom dungeon not present in the adventure or an original campaign, Aspect focus is a big help to define what exactly this instance could be. In this specific case Blocked Shelter immediately brings to mind private study or laboratory.

The wooden stairs creak as you descend into the cool, dry air of the cellar, which is infused with the smell of beer and damp fur. Somewhere in the darkness you hear the scrabbling sound of claws on floorboards and a faint squeaking noise.

It is time to use Delve the Depths move and enter the dungeon. Skarn will take the lead here, we know that monsters attacked workers down here, no matter how dangerous the threat is. Better approach with caution.

Skarn used his Infiltrator asset (When you make a move to breach, traverse, or hide within an area held by an enemy, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit) and added +1 to Delve the Depths move.

Delve the Depths (Skarn)
When you traverse an area within a perilous site, envision your surroundings (Ask the Oracle if unsure). Then, consider your approach. If you navigate this area with stealth or trickery: Roll +shadow.

Challenge: 4, 8. Action: 10 (+shadow, +1 infiltrator), strong hit.
On a strong hit, you delve deeper. Mark progress and Find an Opportunity.
Delve progress: 2/10

Added progress on Dark Underkeep delve and generated first area with an opportunity:

Delve Dark Underkeep's Area #1
Area: Ancient Underkeep
Feature: Hall or chamber

Find an Opportunity
When you encounter a helpful situation or feature within a site, roll on the following table. If you are making this move as a result of a strong hit on Delve the Depths, you may pick or envision an opportunity instead of rolling.

Take action now: You and any allies may make a move (not a progress move) which directly leverages the opportunity. When you do, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.

The party is about to enter a room filled with rats. This is a perfect opportunity to start another move, Enter the Fray with this bonus. Encounter with Giant Rats will have dangerous rank. I'm borrowing Starforged rules here, in which you can use Enter the Fray with any stat.

Challenge track (Dangerous): Fight against Giant Rats.
Progress: 0/10

Enter the Fray (Skarn)
Challenge: 2, 7. Action: 7 (+shadow, +1 opportunity), weak hit. +1 momentum from Opportunity. Prepare to act: Take initiative.

Enter the Fray (Karsti)
Challenge: 9, 9. Action: 8 (+iron, +1 opportunity), miss. Match event: Break Hate.
Pay the Price: Something of value is lost or destroyed.

Entering combat was only partially successful, Karsti scored a miss entering the fight and has to Pay the Price, at this point, something of value could simply mean supplies, so the party will suffer -2 supplies based on faced challenge rank.

One of the giant rats jumped on Karsti and started furiously biting. She was able to shake it off, but it managed to destroy one of her emergency healing kits.

Skarn has the initiative and Karsti could use some help. To help me decide what Skarn will do, I rolled Combat action oracle. Optionally, there's also Combat method and Combat target. I often roll it to help me write fiction, but don't include it in the log.

Combat action: Create an opportunity.
Combat method & target: Batter Environment.

Skarn decided to create an opportunity for Karsti and Secured an Advantage.

Secure an Advantage: Aid your ally (Skarn for Karsti)
When you assess a situation, make preparations, or attempt to gain leverage, envision your action and roll. If you act with deception, stealth, or trickery: Roll +shadow.
Challenge: 2, 3. Action: 8 (+shadow), strong hit.

On a strong hit, you gain advantage. Choose one.

  • Take control: Make another move now (not a progress move), and add +1.
  • Prepare to act: Take +2 momentum.

Before the rats could attack, Skarn threw one of the barrels in their direction, forcing them to dodge and scatter. Karsti found her footing, took control and prepared to Strike the nearest rats.

Strike (Karsti)
Challenge: 1, 9. Action: 8 (+iron, +1 secured advantage), weak hit. 2 harm.
Challenge track: Fight against Giant Rats.
Progress: 4/10

Karsti slew few rats but was overwhelmed by the relentless attacks of the pack, Skarn used this moment to move into offense.

Strike (Skarn)
Challenge: 5, 3. Action: 7 (+iron), strong hit. 3 harm.
Challenge track: Fight against Giant Rats.
Progress: 10/10

Most of the rats were dead, wounded or had retreated back into the depths of the dungeon.

End the Fight (Skarn)
Fight against Giant Rats resolved.
Challenge: 1, 7. Action: 10, strong hit.

The party made sure the cellar was cleared of all the rodents, finished every single one that didn't retreat.

Reach a Milestone: Secure the ruins under the old Wizard's Tower. Milestone: exterminated Giant Rats.
Progress 2/10

Beer cellar was secured, but there's still a big hole in the wall leading into the unknown.

At this point it's good to decide how to proceed with the dungeon delve. Dangerous rank means it will need about 5 milestones to be completed, which is the exact number of rooms this dungeon have. If the dungeon has more rooms, but most of them are empty, I note down just the ones of any importance and base the rank on that. Wizards's Brewery has:

  • Beer cellar (cleared)
  • Mosaic Corridor with a trap
  • Well Room with an encounter
  • The Lab with another encounter
  • Storeroom with possible encounter

Sometimes the order of the rooms is important, it's then best to generate a delve waypoint and change its name if needed, but in the case of A Most Potent Brew, it doesn't matter at all, the whole place has to be cleared to make it secure.

Skarn peeked inside the hole in the wall, it was quite and calm for the moment.

Delve the Depths (Skarn)
Challenge: 4, 5. Action: 6 (+shadow), strong hit.
Area #2
Feature: Hall or chamber
Opportunity: An aspect of the history or nature of this place is revealed
Aspect focus: Guarded Threshold
Delve progress: 4/10

After I rolled Feature and Opportunity, I thought this would be either Lab or Storeroom. Before deciding which one, I also rolled Aspect and Focus, got Guarded Threshold and immediately thought about the trapped corridor instead.

Through the hole in the wall you can see a dusty stone corridor, its floor lying around a foot below that of the cellar where you stand. Over to the left you can see the start of a staircase buried in collapsed masonry, earth and rubble that block the way completely. To the right the passage heads around a corner, but on the wall you can just make out what appears to be writing in a clear gold script.

The floor is covered in a mosaic that depicts a rural scene of a river and hills, with a different time of day on each of four panels. The party noticed two halves of a Giant Rat that had retreated from the previous encounter, cut seemingly by a giant blade. The corridor is clearly trapped. Thanks to the opportunity, they know there's a trap. But they do not know how it works yet.

Ask the Oracle: Can it be disarmed?
Unlikely (2): No

Karsti read the script and tried to figure out if it had any connection to the trap and if there was a way not to trigger it.

Gather Information (Karsti)
Challenge: 8, 9. Action: 5 (+wits), miss.
On a miss, your investigation unearths a dire threat or reveals an unwelcome truth that undermines your quest. Pay the Price.
Pay the Price: -1 supply.

They couldn't figure out how it worked and only wasted some disarming tools in the process. The traps are still as deadly as before. They decided to just approach it best to their abilities and a bit of luck.

Face Danger (Karsti)
When you attempt something risky or react to an imminent threat, envision your action and roll. If you act with strength, endurance, or aggression: Roll +iron.
Shield-bearer: When you Face Danger using your shield as cover, add +1.
Challenge: 6, 8. Action: 10 (+iron, +1 shield-bearer), strong hit. +1 momentum.

Karsti decided to use her shield as a cover and depend on her armor to mitigate any damage. She proceeded slowly through the corridor and when the trap sprung, the blade slammed hard on the shield but did not harm the wielder.

Face Danger (Skarn)
Challenge: 3, 8. Action: 6 (+shadow), weak hit.
On a weak hit, you succeed, but not without a cost. Make a suffer move (-1). -1 health.
Endure Harm: Challenge: 1, 2. Action: 6 (+health), strong hit. Embrace the pain: Take +1 momentum.

Skarn tried to move as lightly as possible, looking for any suspicious tiles and guessing where to step on the go. When he was almost at the end, one bad step sprung the trap again and was grazed by the blade, it hurt, but luckily it wasn't serious.

Delve the Depths (Skarn)
Challenge: 1, 6. Action: 5 (+shadow), weak hit.
On a weak hit, roll on the following table according to your stat.
Delve the Depths (shadow): Mark progress.
Delve progress: 6/10
Area #3
Feature: Evidence of lost knowledge
Aspect focus: Toxic Hideaway

Toxic hideaway with evidence of lost knowledge sound like Storeroom.

The rear wall of this small room is lined with sturdy-looking wooden shelves. Clearly these were once laden with bottles and glass vials, but over the years many of these have been reduced to glittering shards of glass on the floor. There’s a flicker of movement among the wreckage and you see a small black rat lapping up the last remnants of liquid left the shattered remains of a dark blue bottle.

The rat is drinking what remained of the potion of enlargement and will transform into a giant rat in about one minute. I rolled Face Danger to determine if the party will notice what the liquid is and act before the rat transforms.

Face Danger (Karsti)
Challenge: 2, 2. Action: 3 (+wits), strong hit. Match event: Transform Price. +1 momentum.

They noticed in time what was happening and what the consequences could be, and quickly slew the rat before the potion took effect. There were plenty of bottles and supplies in this room, and they decided there would be no better time to resupply what was lost in the first encounter.

Reach a Milestone: Secure the ruins under the old Wizard's Tower. Milestone: secured storeroom, discovered where did dangerous monsters come from.
Progress 4/10

Resupply (Karsti)
Challenge: 4, 1. Action: 6 (+wits), strong hit. +2 supply.

After that, they moved on.

Delve the Depths (Skarn)
Challenge: 7, 8. Action: 7 (+shadow), miss.
On a miss, Reveal a Danger.
Area #4
Feature: Hall or chamber
Danger: You face the consequences of an earlier choice or approach
Aspect focus: Broken Creature

This is the Well Room, with other victims of transmutation potions.

In the center of the small room ahead of you is a large stone well, topped with a wooden handle and the rotten remnants of a heavily frayed rope that descends into the shaft. In the far right corner the ceiling has collapsed slightly, and a narrow shaft of weak sunlight shines through a narrow hole. To the far left is a plain wooden table, crusted with dirt and dust and laden with old plates, buckets and other strange pieces of tableware.

Three Giant Centipedes, alarmed by the vibrations made by the trap blade hitting Karsti's shield, attacked the party on sight.

By the DnD encounter calculator, this is a hard one, and will be assigned the rank of Formidable. To assess what rank encounter should be when playing DnD with Ironsworn, I use a DnD calculator and treat my party as a recommended party for the adventure I'm playing, even when I'm using one character. This means for this one, I'm calculating things as if playing with 4 characters on level 1 in DnD.

Challenge track (Formidable): Fight against Giant Centipedes.
Progress: 0/10

Enter the Fray (Skarn)
Challenge: 10, 3. Action: 8 (+shadow), weak hit. Bolster your position: Take +2 momentum.

Enter the Fray (Karsti)
Challenge: 3, 8. Action: 7 (+iron), weak hit. Prepare to act: Take initiative.

Clash (Skarn)
Challenge: 2, 8. Action: 6 (+iron), weak hit.
On a weak hit, inflict your harm, but then Pay the Price. +2 harm.
Pay the Price: It is stressful. -3 spirit.
Endure Stress: Challenge: 3, 4. Action: 6 (+spirit), strong hit. Embrace the darkness: Take +1 momentum.
Challenge track: Fight against Giant Centipedes.
Progress: 2/10

Strike (Karsti)
Challenge: 1, 7. Action: 8 (+iron), strong hit. +3 harm.
Challenge track: Fight against Giant Centipedes.
Progress: 5/10

Karsti slammed one of the centipedes with her shield with full force and thrust her blade into its body. Skarn clashed with the other one, managed to land a hit but was surprised by its speed and got knocked down, then the third centipede grabbed his legs and started dragging him down towards the well. He tried to break free, holding on to anything he could grab, and kicked the pulling centipede. The annoyed beast let him go. He took back the initiative.

Strike (Karsti)
Challenge: 3, 4. Action: 4 (+iron), weak hit. +2 harm.
Challenge track: Fight against Giant Centipedes.
Progress: 7/10

She took the opportunity and struck the centipede that was focusing on dragging Skarn. The centipede didn't see it coming and couldn't dodge the hit that split it in two.

Strike (Skarn)
Challenge: 8, 2. Action: 7 (+iron), weak hit. +2 harm.
Challenge track: Fight against Giant Centipedes.
Progress: 9/10

Skarn attacked the last one, but it managed to dodge most of the hits and quickly retreated behind the well, observing them and preparing to strike.

Face Danger (Karsti)
Challenge: 3, 9. Action: 8 (+iron, +1 shield-bearer), weak hit. -1 momentum.
Endure harm: Challenge: 10, 1. Action: 7 (+health, +1 lightly armored), weak hit. +1 momentum from Ironclad. On a weak hit, you press on.

The centipede is fast and agile. It hit Karsti's shield and made her reeling, then quickly moved past her towards Skarn.

Clash (Skarn)
Challenge: 2, 4. Action: 8 (+iron), strong hit. +2 harm. You find an opening: Inflict +1 harm.

End the Fight
Fight against Giant Centipedes resolved. Challenge: 3, 2. Action: 10, strong hit.

Skarn readied himself and thrust his blade right into the charging centipede. Impaled and unable to move, it was swiftly finished by Karsti slamming her shield's edge right into its head.

Ask the Oracle Did they notice treasure in the room?
(Likely): 99, Yes. Event: Follow Battle. +1 supply.

They scavenged the room for a bit, not only did they find several old plates made from tarnished silver, but also some supplies that could be useful later.

Reach a Milestone: Secure the ruins under the old Wizard's Tower. Milestone: exterminated Giant Centipedes.
Progress 6/10

Delve the Depths (Skarn)
Challenge: 1, 4. Action: 4 (+shadow), weak hit.
On a weak hit, roll on the following table according to your stat.
Delve the Depths (shadow): Mark progress and Reveal a Danger.
Delve progress: 8/10
Area #5
Feature: Inscrutable relics
Danger: You face an environmental or architectural hazard

The door opens onto what might once have been a lab or workroom. To your left sits a mouldering desk and the shattered remnants of alchemical glassware, while the centre of the room is dominated by a set of tall bookcases arranged back-to-back.
All around, however, are scorch marks and signs of countless small fires and the air is filled with the smell of smoke and burned meat.
The wooden furniture is blackened and burned in places, while what may once have been a pile of books has been been reduced to ash. Singed traces of what may be webbing hang from the ceiling.
As you enter you feel something crunch beneath your feet - glancing down, you realise that it’s the charred hindquarters of a Giant Rat.

The party entered the lab, the scenery was ominous, scorch marks, burned furniture and web all around. One wrong step, and they would get caught in the webbing.

Face Danger (Skarn)
Challenge: 5, 3. Action: 5 (+wits, +1 infiltrator), weak hit. -1 momentum.

Face Danger (Karsti)
Challenge: 10, 2. Action: 8 (+wits), weak hit. -1 momentum.

Both Skarn and Karsti were slowed down by the web but managed not to get completely stuck. While they were busy cleaning off the web, a Giant Inferno Spider ambushed them.

Challenge track (Formidable): Fight against Inferno Spider.
Progress: 0/10

Enter the Fray (Skarn)
Challenge: 7, 6. Action: 2 (+wits), miss.
Pay the Price: -3 health.
Endure harm: Challenge: 5, 7. Action: 6 (+iron), weak hit.

Enter the Fray (Karsti)
Challenge: 8, 10. Action: 7 (+wits), miss. Pay the Price: -3 health.
Endure harm: Challenge: 10, 5. Action: 7 (+iron, +1 lightly armored), weak hit. +1 momentum from lightly armored.

Inferno Spider managed to surprise and burn both of them with its burning webbing.

Face Danger (Karsti)
Challenge: 5, 7. Action: 7 (+iron, +1 shield-bearer), weak hit. +2 harm. -1 spirit.
Endure stress: Challenge: 5, 6. Action: 10 (+spirit), strong hit. Embrace the darkness: Take +1 momentum

The situation was dire, Karsti desperately defended herself with her shield, thinking that maybe this was too much of a challenge for them after all and this chamber would be their coffin. Then anger and frustration filled her. With nothing to lose, she pushed back.

Secure an Advantage: Aid your ally (Karsti for Skarn)
Challenge: 6, 1. Action: 8 (+iron), strong hit. Take control: Make another move now (not a progress move), and add +1.

Heal (Karsti)
Challenge: 2, 5. Action: 6 (+wits), strong hit. +2 health, +1 health from herbalist.

Strike (Karsti)
Challenge: 4, 8. Action: 8 (+iron), weak hit. +2 harm.
Challenge track: Fight against Inferno Spider.
Progress: 4/10

She slams into the spider with her whole body, pinning it to the wall with her shield long enough for Skarn to strike and to gulp down one of her emergency potions and jabs at the pinned spider.

Strike (Skarn)
Challenge: 9, 9. Action: 6 (+iron, +1 secured advantage), miss. Match.
Pay the Price: Your action has an unintended effect. -3 momentum.

Severely wounded, Skarn tried to strike but was pushed with one of the flailing spider's legs and lost his balance, bumping into Karsti. The spider got out, and now both have to dodge his burning bites.

Face Danger (Karsti)
Challenge: 3, 3. Action: 9 (+1 iron, +1 shield-bearer), strong hit. Match event: Coordinate Relationship.

Karsti was able not only to shield herself but also prevented the spider to directly attack Skarn and rushed to strike back.

Strike (Karsti)
Challenge: 1, 9. Action: 7 (+iron), weak hit. +2 harm.
Challenge track: Fight against Inferno Spider.
Progress: 6/10

Clash (Karsti)
Challenge: 1, 4. Action: 5 (+iron), strong hit. +2 harm. You find an opening: Inflict +1 harm. +1 momentum (shield-bearer).
Challenge track: Fight against Inferno Spider.
Progress: 9/10

Strike (Karsti)
Challenge: 7, 6. Action: 4 (+iron), miss. Burnt momentum. Challenge: 7, 6. Action: 8, strong hit. +3 harm.
Progress 10/10

Finally, I was able to burn accumulated momentum. It was very lucky that I got one point during the previous Clash and was able to secure a strong hit. The challenge track is full, and the party has initiative. It's the best moment to End the Fight.

End the Fight
Fight against Inferno Spider resolved.
Challenge: 2, 4. Action: 10, strong hit.

It was the last encounter of this delve and there are no more prepared rooms, the progress track is at 8/10, it's pretty safe to Locate Your Objective and finish this delve.

Locate Your Objective
Dark Underkeep completed. Challenge: 8, 2. Action: 8, weak hit. On a weak hit, you locate your objective but face an unforeseen hazard or complication.
Action: Support.
Theme: Freedom.

Pretty safe if you're not unlucky. The fight with Inferno Spider started a fire, several bookcases and other furniture are burning, and now the whole room is filled with choking smoke. Karsti and Skarn need to escape it as soon as possible.

Face Danger (Karsti)
Challenge: 6, 3. Action: 7 (+edge), strong hit.

Face Danger (Skarn)
Challenge: 2, 3. Action: 7 (+edge), strong hit.

Luckily, they escaped without harm. It is time to leave this place.

Escape the Depths (Karsti)
Challenge: 8, 2. Action: 7 (+wits), weak hit. On a weak hit, you find your way out, but this place exacts its price.
You are weary or wounded: Endure Harm. -2 Health.
Challenge: 3, 6. Action: 5, weak hit. On a weak hit, you press on.

Reach a Milestone: Secure the ruins under the old Wizard's Tower. Milestone: exterminated Giant Inferno Spider and cleared the dungeon.
Progress 8/10

Fulfill Your Vow: Secure the ruins under the old Wizard's Tower resolved.
Challenge: 10, 1. Action: 8, weak hit. On a weak hit, there is more to be done or you realize the truth of your quest. Envision what you discover (Ask the Oracle if unsure). Then, mark experience. +1 exp.

It is done, the quest is finished and Glowkindle is very happy to reward the adventurers. A weak hit is a great way to introduce a follow-up quest or continue with the story. Maybe Glowkindle has another request. What happened to the previous owner, and why was the tower abandoned with all the magical equipment left inside? Why is there a strong smell of burning wood in the air? Better ignore the last one for now.

Once the Vow is fulfilled, it's a good moment to try and Forge a Bond.

Forge a Bond
When you spend significant time with a person or community, stand together to face hardships, or make sacrifices for their cause, you can attempt to create a bond. If you make this move after you successfully Fulfill Your Vow to their benefit, you may reroll any dice.
Skarn: Challenge: 4, 8. Action: 7, weak hit. Reroll. Challenge: 4, 3. Action: 7, strong hit.
Karsti: Challenge: 10, 4. Action: 8, weak hit. Reroll. Challenge: 9, 4. Action: 8, weak hit.
On a weak hit, they ask something more of you first.

Something more could be another quest. Or, in this adventure, a Face Danger roll trying to douse the fire in the brewery. Or something purely narrative. Once it's done, mark progress on the hero's bonds track.

And that's it, we are now ready to start another adventure.