Dragons of Stormwreck Isle 2

May 6, 2024 ◇ 15 min read

Previously, the party successfully defended residents of Dragon's Rest and finished the day preparing for the journey to the Compass Rose shipwreck.

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Preparing for the Chapter

Besker Duskwinter
Insightful, Skilled, Stubborn human Paladin
Assets: Empowered, Loyalist, Shield-bearer
Edge: 1, Heart: 3, Iron: 2, Shadow: 1, Wits: 2
Health: 5, Spirit: 5, Momentum: 5

Nellandra Dalarandar
Powerful, Dependent, Selfish elf Wizard
Assets: Improviser, Slinger, Invoke
Edge: 2, Heart: 2, Iron: 1, Shadow: 1, Wits: 3
Health: 5, Spirit: 5, Momentum: 6, Essence: 6

Shared supply: 5

Current vow: Stop the plague of zombies (dangerous), 0/10

Before they embark on a journey, I wanted to check the list of possible premade encounters and the distance between locations. The island isn't really all that big, and therefore I decided to rank each journey as troublesome.

Journey to Compass Rose

Besker and Nellandra sat down to plan their route. Nellandra is a better navigator, and she'll take the lead during the journey. Besker borrowed and prepared the rowboat available for Dragon's Rest residents from Runara. Equipped with a map and supplies, they started their journey.

Secure and Advantage: Aid Your Ally (Besker)
Challenge: 6, 3. Action: 6 (+wits, +1 loylist), weak hit. +1 momentum each.

Undertake a Journey (Nellandra)
Challenge: 6, 5. Action: 8 (+wits), strong hit.
Waypoint: Cold, Beautiful Open Water
Progress 3/10

Undertake a Journey (Nellandra)
Challenge: 8, 7. Action: 9 (+wits), strong hit.
Waypoint: Broken, Wide Cove
Progress 6/10

The rowboat cut through the cold waters along the rugged coast of the island. As they rowed, the landscape shifted around them, from the cold, pristine beauty of the open water to the rugged cliffs and broken coves that lined the shore.

Undertake a Journey (Nellandra)
Challenge: 6, 6. Action: 4 (+wits), miss. Match event: Charge Deception.
Waypoint: Big, Isolated Mystical Site
Pay the Price: A surprising development complicates your quest.

Besker and Nellandra spotted steam rising in the distance. Curiosity piqued, and they steered the rowboat towards the source.

Billowing clouds of steam emerge from the rocks ahead, and the air grows thicker with moisture. As you round a bend, you see a cove where a hot spring burbles up from the rocks and spills into a pool before draining into the ocean. The turquoise water is luminescent, and the gray basalt edges of the spring are lined with vibrantly colored mushrooms, which occasionally burst in a shower of rainbow spores.

Do they want to approach the hot spring?
Ask the Oracle (Unlikely): 79, Yes.

Besker doesn't care much about the colorful sprouts, but Nellandra wanted to examine them in case they proved to be a valuable magical component. They disembarked onto the rocky shore, and as they drew closer, the air grew thick with the scent of sulfur, mingling with the salty scent of the sea.

Face Danger (Nellandra)
Challenge: 1, 1. Action: 9 (+wits), strong hit. Match event: Hunt Portent. +1 momentum.

When Nellandra came closer to a group of mushrooms, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a vague shape lurking in the steam above the spring. Fume drakes. She slowed down with Besker at her side, watching the drakes carefully, and tried to reach one of the mushrooms.

Gather Information (Nellandra)
Challenge: 10, 6. Action: 5 (+wits), miss.
Pay the Price: Initiate combat.

Before she could grab and identify it, the drakes bolted and attacked them.

Challenge track (dangerous): Fight against fume drakes.
Progress: 0/10

Enter the Fray (Besker)
Challenge: 9, 1. Action: 9 (+heart), weak hit. Prepare to act: Take initiative.

Enter the Fray (Nellandra)
Challenge: 2, 10. Action: 3 (+heart), weak hit. Prepare to act: Take initiative.

Besker and Nellandra were prepared for the possibility of an attack and anticipated it with their weapons and spells at the ready.

Strike (Besker)
Challenge: 10, 7. Action: 5 (+iron), miss.
Pay the Price: -2 health.
Endure Harm (Besker)
Challenge: 2, 2. Action: 9, strong hit. Match event: Acquire Language. +1 health.

Besker swung his sword at the rushing drake with as much might as he could muster. The fume drake dodged at the last moment, turned around and breathed a cone of scalding steam at Besker, exposed by the momentum of his swing. He tried to jump away and managed to dodge some of the damage.

Strike (Nellandra)
Challenge: 7, 4. Action: 5 (+edge), weak hit. +2 harm.
Challenge track (dangerous): Fight against fume drakes.
Progress: 4/10

Nellandra concentrated and blasted one of the drakes with a ray of frost, the air suddenly growing cold for a second in stark contrast to the hot steam of the spring. The drake shrieked and instantly went out of combat.

Secure and Advantage (Besker): Aid Your Ally
Challenge: 8, 8. Action: 9 (+heart, +1 loylist), strong hit. Match event: Surrender Advantage.

Besker taunted the drakes with a loud shout, giving Nellandra the opportunity to attack freely without being threatened.

Strike (Nellandra)
Challenge: 5, 8. Action: 6 (+edge, +1 advantage), weak hit. +2 harm.
Challenge track (dangerous): Fight against fume drakes.
Progress: 9/10

With a fierce determination, she unleashed a barrage of spells, ice shards sliced through the air. The fume drakes dodged and weaved, but the explosion of ice erupted, taking most of them out.

End the Fight (Besker)
Fight against fume drakes resolved. Challenge: 7, 7. Action: 8, strong hit. Match event: Serve Duty. +1 momentum.

With a swift and precise thrust, he finished the last drake, ending the combat. They grabbed a few colorful mushrooms and moved on to the shipwreck.

Undertake a Journey (Nellandra)
Challenge: 1, 10. Action: 8 (+wits), weak hit.
Progress: 9/10
Waypoint: Foul, Corrupted Wreck.
Reach Your Destination (Nellandra)
Journey to Compass Rose resolved. Challenge: 1, 6. Action: 9, strong hit. +1 momentum.
Reach a Milestone: Stop the plague of zombies. Milestone: Journey to the shipwreck.
Progress 2/10

As the rowboat glided through the murky waters, the adventurers' eyes fell upon the eerie silhouette of an old shipwreck looming in the distance.

Cursed Shipwreck

Waves lap against a derelict ship lodged against a ridge of rocks and enormous dragon bones. A faint odor of rot wafts on the sea air, along with the sound of screeching seagulls and the roar of the surf. A tangled mess of tattered sails and rigging hangs off the starboard side of the main deck, offering one possible way to climb aboard. At the stern, you can make out a gaping hole in the hull beneath the water line.

I'll be using Ironsworn: Delve to navigate through the shipwreck. To do that, I need a list of key locations and to decide on the rank of this delve and its theme and domain. I won't roll for my first waypoint; instead, I decided that it would be Compass Rose's first location, Main Deck.

List of key locations:

  • Captain's Quarters
  • Crew quarters
  • Lower deck
  • Hold

Other locations I'll fill in the blanks with if needed:

  • Forecastle
  • Quarterdeck
  • Galley
  • Mess Hall

With four important locations and another four skipable locations, either Dangerous or Formidable rank is fine, depends on how much time you want to spend there or how big you want the ship to be. I don't want it to be too long, so I settled on Dangerous rank. The shipwreck is old, flooded and infested with zombies. Infested theme seems like a perfect fit. For a domain, I picked Stronghold, its set of features best fits a ship, and what is a ship if not a moving stronghold?

Discover a Site
Delve Compass Rose
Theme: Infested
Domain: Stronghold
Rank: Dangerous
Aspect focus: Unstable Power

With a mixture of curiosity and caution, Besker and Nellandra clambered aboard the shipwreck, their footsteps echoing hollowly on the rotting deck.

The moldering wood of the deck is slick with algae and seawater. Amid the tangle of rigging, splintered railings, and stray seaweed, you spot boots, bones, and bits of gore that seem considerably more recent than the wreck of this ship. Stairs lead to upper decks at fore and aft, and doors lead into cabins under those decks. The mainmast remains intact and mostly upright, topped with a crow's nest overflowing with debris. A staircase near the mast and a large hatch on the port side both lead down into the hold.

Does one of them climb the crow's nest to check the accumulated debris?
Ask the Oracle (Likely): 66, Yes. Event: Distract History.

Besker climbed the mainmast?
Ask the Oracle (50/50): 73, Yes.

Besker began his ascent up the rope ladder hanging from the mainmast, the wood groaned beneath his weight, and with each step, the mast swayed a bit. He reached the nest, stuffed with bits of bones, wood shavings, dry grass, and shredded canvas from the ship's sails. Among the trash, he spotted shiny baubles and gemstones.

Gather Information (Besker)
Challenge: 4, 4. Action: 3 (+wits), miss. Match event: Release Superstition.
Pay the Price: -1 spirit.
Endure Stress
Challenge: 3, 3. Action: 6 (+spirit), strong hit. Match event: Overwhelm Risk. +1 spirit, -1 momentum.

While he stuffed his pouch with anything worth taking, a realization came to him: this nest was far too big for a regular bird, and he was unable to determine what kind of creature settled here. He was hanging on an unstable mast, exposed and vulnerable to any attack should the resident of the nest decide to attack. Panic threatened to consume him, but he pushed the fear aside and, with his thoughts focused on survival, climbed down as quickly as he could.

Delve the Depths
Challenge: 3, 4. Action: 8 (+wits), strong hit.
Delve progress: 2/10
Area #1
Feature: Command center or leadership
Opportunity: A clue offers insight or direction
Aspect focus: Forgotten Route

Once down, they glanced at the sky, looking for any imminent danger, and quickly moved towards one of the cabins. The door was closed or barricaded

Face Danger (Besker)
Challenge: 6, 5. Action: 7 (+iron, +1 shield-bearer), strong hit. +1 momentum.

Besker charged at the door with his shield up and rammed the entrance open.

The door crashes open to reveal two drowned sailors in a cabin that must once have been luxurious. A bookcase, half collapsed, holds waterlogged and disintegrating books and scrolls. The polished wood desk leans awkwardly on three legs; it has an ornate compass set in its center. The bed is covered in rotting bedding and sags in the middle. A jagged hole gapes in the floor beside the bed.

Two zombies aimlessly shuffle around the cabin. They slowly turn towards the party, with their milky white eyes focused somewhere past them. With a moan, they moved to attack.

As this is a non-critical, filler encounter with only two zombies, instead of setting up a combat challenge, I used Battle move to quickly determine the outcome.

Battle (Besker)
Challenge: 4, 1. Action: 9 (+heart), strong hit. +2 momentum.

Besker with Nellandra and her offensive prowess, quickly dispatched both decomposing sailors. They both searched the room for anything useful and checked the hole in the floor. Whatever made it penetrated the lower deck too, and two levels down, there was only darkness. Jumping blindly into the unknown would be unwise.

Delve the Depths
Challenge: 5, 1. Action: 4 (+wits), weak hit.
Mark progress and Reveal a Danger.
Delve progress: 4/10
Area #2
Feature: Connecting passageways
Danger: You face an environmental or architectural hazard
Aspect focus: Open Craft

They went back to the main deck and climbed down the stairs, stepping carefully. A sinister sound filled the air. The unmistakable creak of rotten wood echoed through the chamber.

Face Danger (Besker)
Challenge: 10, 2. Action: 6 (+wits), weak hit. -1 momentum.
Face Danger (Nellandra)
Challenge: 4, 3. Action: 9 (+wits), strong hit.

A few steps cracked under their weight, but with some effort, they managed to maintain their balance, steady themselves and avoid falling down.

The descent to the lower deck is chilly, wet, and unsettling. Seawater obscures the floor and sloshes against the hull. Decaying crates and barrels are scattered around, some floating freely and others stacked into corners. You hear splashing as a walking corpse lumbers toward you, wading in water that doesn't quite reach its knees.

Challenge track (Formidable): Lower Deck encounter.
Progress: 0/10

Enter the Fray (Besker)
Challenge: 8, 1. Action: 6 (+heart), weak hit. Prepare to act: Take initiative.

Enter the Fray (Nellandra)
Challenge: 3, 4. Action: 5 (+heart), strong hit. +2 harm (slinger).
Challenge track (Formidable): Lower Deck encounter.
Progress: 2/10

The air was thick with the stench of decay and the sound of snarling, as the zombies trapped on the lower deck of the ship immediately rushed to attack. Nellandra slings a firebolt at one of them, magic fire consuming its decomposing body in a flash.

Strike (Besker)
Challenge: 8, 2. Action: 5 (+iron), weak hit. +2 harm.
Challenge track (Formidable): Lower Deck encounter.
Progress: 4/10

Besker charged into the fray, slashing left and right, cleaving through the rotting flesh of the zombies. The confined space of the deck made it difficult for him to maneuver, and he was quickly pushed into a defensive stance.

Face Danger (Besker)
Challenge: 2, 7. Action: 7 (+iron, +1 shield-bearer), weak hit. -1 momentum.

He deflects the mindless blows with his shield, unable to find an opening to strike back under the rain of hits.

Secure an Advantage: Aid Your Ally, Invoke (Nellandra)
Challenge: 4, 2. Action: 10, strong hit. -1 essence. +1 momentum for Besker.

In an attempt to give him a moment's respite and an opportunity to counterattack, she held her hands up, chanted a short spell and a blinding flash filled the deck.

Strike (Besker)
Challenge: 10, 10. Action: 9 (+iron, +1 advantage), miss. Match event: Advance Disease.
Pay the Price: A friend, companion, or ally is put in harm’s way (or you are, if alone).
Nellandra -3 health.
Endure Harm (Nellandra)
Challenge: 9, 5. Action: 8 (+health), weak hit.

Zombies backed away in confusion. From behind them, a ghoul suddenly emerged, bashed Besker aside before he could react, and went straight for Nellandra, hitting her with his claws.

Face Danger: Invoke (Nellandra)
Challenge: 6, 4. Action: 6, weak hit. -1 essence, -1 momentum.

She repelled the ghoul with a gust of powerful wind that sent the monster flying a few feet away and knocking down a zombie in his path.

Face Danger (Besker)
Challenge: 2, 9. Action: 8 (+iron, +1 shield-bearer), weak hit. -1 health.
Endure Harm (Besker)
Challenge: 5, 3. Action: 7 (+health), strong hit.

Blinded zombies smashed furiously at anything in their way, grazing Besker.

Strike (Besker)
Challenge: 4, 2. Action: 4 (+iron), weak hit. +2 harm.
Challenge track (Formidable): Lower Deck encounter.
Progress: 6/10

He slashed one after another until there were none. He stood atop the bodies, breathing heavily; only the ghoul was left alive. They both clashed, charging at each other.

Clash (Besker)
Challenge: 8, 7. Action: 5 (+iron), miss. Burnt momentum. Challenge: 8, 7. Action: 9, strong hit. +2 harm, +2 momentum (shield-bearer).
Challenge track (Formidable): Lower Deck encounter.
Progress: 8/10

End the Fight (Besker)
Lower Deck encounter resolved. Challenge: 3, 10. Action: 8, weak hit. -3 spirit.

With a final hit, he impaled the ghoul on his sword's blade. The last sparks of unnatural life faded away in the ghoul's eyes. Exhausted and shaking, Besker sat down on the ruined stairs, leaning heavily on the railing. Most, if not all, zombies are now dealt with and for some time Dragon's Rest should be free of undead assaults.

Reach a Milestone: Stop the plague of zombies. Milestone: Clear the shipwreck from the undead.
Progress 4/10

Before moving on, they check on crates that have survived all this time in decent condition.

Check Your Gear (Besker)
Challenge: 4, 1. Action: 6 (+supply), strong hit. +1 momentum.

With a crowbar, they pried open two of the undamaged ones. A fine lute with mother-of-pearl inlay, worth 50 gp and a pair of candlestick holders carved from bone to resemble dragons, worth 25 gp each.

Delve the Depths
Challenge: 3, 9. Action: 6 (+wits), weak hit.
Choose one: Mark progress or Find an Opportunity
Delve progress: 4/10
Area #3
Feature: Something unusual or unexpected
Opportunity: An aspect of the history or nature of this place is revealed
Aspect focus: Sunken Information

With the lower deck clear, they decided to go deeper into the hold area through the hole in the floor. The whole level is sunken and shrouded in darkness.

Check Your Gear (Nellandra)
Challenge: 9, 2. Action: 5 (+supply), weak hit. -1 supply, +1 momentum.

Nellandra placed a hand on Besker and spoke an incantation, a bright light now emanates from his equipment. It's also a clear signal that he's the one diving in.

As the cold water engulfs you, a strange undersea world is revealed. Colorful seaweed grows over the shattered hull, especially around the gaping hole in the stern of the ship. Tiny fish dart among hunks of debris and cargo.

A heavy iron chest lies on the floor of the hold, directly beneath the hole it fell through. Besker quickly swam towards it and opened the lid. An air bubble rushed out, he grabbed a few items, swam back to the hold to leave them there, and repeated the process until the chest was empty. He found a pouch filled with gold and gemstones, a wrapped package secured against water by wax and a pair of boots that Nellandra identified as boots of elvenkind.

The package contained the captain's journal and a braid of hair. The journal describes the last moments of Compass Rose crew and how the curse came to be, but what's the most important, how it can be broken.

Reach a Milestone: Stop the plague of zombies. Milestone: Clear the shipwreck from the undead.
Progress 6/10

Delve the Depths
Challenge: 3, 7. Action: 7 (+wits), weak hit.
Mark progress and Reveal a Danger
Delve progress: 6/10
Area #3
Feature: Connecting passageways
Danger: Blocked or guarded path
Aspect focus: Natural Entry

The zombies, at least from Compass Rose, are gone. The goal now is clear, they need to break the curse with this talisman. A few stairs got broken, and now the whole staircase is at risk of collapsing. There are three ways out, attempt to climb the broken staircase, climb the hole in the ceiling or escape through the broken hull.

Face Danger (Nellandra)
Challenge: 6, 6. Action: 5 (+edge), miss. Match event: Risk Disease.
Pay the Price: You are separated from something or someone.

Nellandra climbed the stairs, each step an alarmingly loud creak, with small pieces of wood falling off. Nearly at the top, the whole staircase collapsed, leaving them separated on different levels.

Face Danger (Besker)
Challenge: 8, 10. Action: 8 (+edge), miss. -1 momentum.

Besker tried to climb what was left of the railing, reaching for Nellandra's hand, but what was left of the staircase gave off under his weight.

Face Danger (Besker)
Challenge: 3, 3. Action: 6 (+iron), strong hit. Match event: Transform Dream.

As he had already dived a few times, bringing back the loot, he decided to go through the hole in the hull and climb one of the rope ladders to the main deck from the outside.

Delve the Depths
Challenge: 9, 7. Action: 8 (+wits), weak hit.
Mark progress and Reveal a Danger
Delve progress: 8/10
Feature: Abandoned nest
Danger: Denizen guided by a greater threat
Aspect focus: Decaying Equipment

The moment he climbed the main deck, they heard a heavy thump.

A terrifying monster perches on the top of the crow's nest, spreading its scraggly wings and screeching harshly. Its wings and legs resemble those of a mangy vulture, while its head, torso, and arms look almost human. It clutches a large bone like a club and flexes its talons.

Do they try to negotiate with the harpy?
Ask the Oracle (Unlikely): 65, No.

Leaving such a beast roaming around would only bring more troubles.

Challenge track (formidable): Harpy encounter.
Progress: 0/10

Enter the Fray (Besker)
Challenge: 3, 10. Action: 9 (+heart), weak hit. Bolster your position: Take +2 momentum.

Enter the Fray (Nellandra)
Challenge: 2, 6. Action: 7 (+heart), strong hit. +2 harm (slinger).
Challenge track (formidable): Harpy encounter.
Progress: 2/10

Before the harpy started her enchanting song, Nellandra formed an illusion of barbed wire tightening on the harpy's throat. The monster clawed at her own body, delaying her song. The harpy was out of immediate reach for Besker, knowing climbing up to the harpy was too risky, he started loading his crossbow.

Strike (Nellandra)
Challenge: 4, 10. Action: 7, weak hit. +2 harm.
Challenge track (formidable): Harpy encounter.
Progress: 4/10

As Besker prepares, she slings another spell. A lance of raw power pierced the harpy's leg, it dealt considerable damage but also set the irritated monster into action. She realized there was no wire around her neck and started singing her song.

Invoke: Face Danger (Nellandra)
Challenge: 2, 6. Action: 10 (+essence), strong hit. -1 essence.

Nellandra knew that would be the end of her and and cast an illusion on herself, dampening her hearing.

Face Danger (Bekser)
Challenge: 10, 9. Action: 7 (+iron), miss.
Pay the Price: -3 momentum.

Besker didn't react in time and got enthralled by the harpy song. Oblivious to anything around him, he started walking towards the mast.

Secure an Advantage: Aid Your Ally (Nellandra)
Challenge: 4, 10. Action: 9 (+wits), weak hit.

Spotting that, she threw a rope around his legs to stop him or slow him down.

Face Danger (Besker)
Challenge: 5, 3. Action: 6 (+heart), strong hit.

He tripped on the rope, and after meeting the ground, he experienced a brief flash of consciousness that allowed him to regain his focus. Seeing her sing rendered useless, the harpy took flight, ready to attack.

Secure an Advantage: Aid Your Ally (Besker)
Challenge: 2, 1. Action: 7 (+iron, +1 loyalist), strong hit.

Besker moved quickly into position, shielding himself and Nellandra with his shield against any incoming attacks. The harpy circled them in the air, looking for any opening.

Strike (Nellandra)
Challenge: 1, 3. Action: 7 (+edge, +1 advantage), strong hit. +3 harm.
Challenge track (formidable): Harpy encounter.
Progress: 7/10

Staying behind Besker, Nellandra had enough time to chant a simple spell, and she shot a ray of frost at the harpy, shooting her down from the sky.

Strike (Nellandra)
Challenge: 8, 8. Action: 8 (+edge), miss. Match event: Persevere Supply. Burnt momentum. Challenge: 8, 8. Action: 10, strong hit. +3 harm, +1 supply.

While she was still numb from the cold, both Besker and Nellandra approached the harpy, and Nellandra shocked her with a lightning touch. When she hit the ground, the harpy dropped a small haul from the recent hunt.

End the Fight
Harpy encounter resolved. Challenge: 5, 4. Action: 10, strong hit.
Reach a Milestone: Stop the plague of zombies. Milestone: Stop the harpy from luring more ships.
Progress 8/10

She was nearly incapacitated and confused, she was an easy target for Besker to finish. The harpy is no more, and no more ships will crash on the shores of the Stormwreck Isles.

Locate Your Objective (Besker)
Compass Rose completed. Challenge: 4, 1. Action: 8, strong hit. +1 momentum.

Once back at the Dragon's Rest, the party presented Runara talisman and preserved journal. Runara remembers Aleitha's husband, Brastos, he died a long time ago, and his grave lies in the small cemetery atop the cliffs, northwest of Dragon's Rest.

Reach a Milestone: Stop the plague of zombies. Milestone: Brought the talisman and did a cleansing ritual.
Progress 10/10

After a short walk, Besker and Nellandra found his grave, covered with white wildflowers, with his name etched on a wooden slab. Basker placed the talisman on top of the grave and blessed it. With two souls reunited, the wind sighed in relief, and a thick fog started to form far in the north, in the direction where the Compass Rose wreck remains.

Fulfill Your Vow
Stop the plague of zombies resolved. Challenge: 2, 8. Action: 10, strong hit. +2 exp each.

Forge a Bond (Besker)
Challenge: 3, 2. Action: 4 (+heart), strong hit.

The news spread quickly, and residents of Dragon's Rest gathered on the small square in front of the monastic cells where the dragon statue stands. A small, sober celebration took place, and an atmosphere of relief could be felt among the gathered residents. The party faced a lot of challenges, and they are pretty battered. They needed rest.

Sojourn (Besker)
Challenge: 9, 8. Action: 6 (+heart, +1 bond), miss. Empowered: Challenge: 2, 3. Action (+heart, +1 bond, +1 empowered): 8, strong hit.
Besker: Recuperate, +2 health. Consort, +2 spirit. Consort, +2 spirit.
Nellandra: Recuperate, +2 health. Recuperate, +2 health. Provisions, +2 supply.

They asked Runara if there were any additional supplies or healing aids she could be provided. She directed them to Tarak, the cloister's gardener and herbalist. At first, Tarak was reluctant to help, there was a hint of worry in his demeanour. The problem is, as he explained, that he had very limited stock right now, and he was unable to tell if the situation would change in the near future. But if the party agreed to investigate, he was willing to part with what he currently had. Besker didn't need much more, he was eager to help. Resolving the troubles with zombies impacted him positively. Which meant Nellandra was in too, this island already proved to be deadly for a lone adventurer.